We're here to make workplaces better places for people to work, without costing the earth.

Soundproof booth in an open plan office
Sustainability image - FSC certified timber and recycled plastic bottles

Peace and quiet, sustainably.

In the age of climate change and the war on waste, we believe it’s vital to make sure that Nook has a long-lasting positive impact on our planet. We make our booths out of recycled plastic bottles and ethically certified wood, so you can keep the sound out without costing the earth.

The sound of silence. Now modular.

Flexible enough to move around the office and fit any space. You can assemble Nook in under an hour with just two pairs of hands. We’ve made our product flexible so you can take it with you if you move offices.

A flat packed box with Nook logo
Lightly shaded noise reduction shapes

We cut out
the middle man.

The traditional office furniture industry is broken. The average product passes through too many parties racking up margins until it reaches you, the customer. So we’re challenging that. We sell directly to you so you don’t have to pay high fees for a quality product.

hide and speak

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